Who am I – Who are you?

Lucinda Yates “Who am I- Who are you?” Show will be up at Cia Cafe in South Portland from September 14 to November 14.  Come check out this fun new art and meet the artist at the Artist Reception taking place on September 14 from 5-7pm at Cia SOPO.

Artist Statement

I have been making art professionally for 40 years. In 1989 I founded Designs By Lucinda and used my artistic talent to create 5 million one of kind pins in order to bring awareness and funding to help the public connect with each other about serious social issues. That artwork has raised over 30 million dollars for non-profits and changed thousands and thousands of lives. In 2015 I decided to use my love of color and artistic expression to create on canvas. My current work is still focused on people. I believe the ultimate responsibility we have, is to know who we are. This work is my attempt to create an opportunity for the viewer to ask the question who am I and who are you. We all make up stories about who we think we are AND who we think others are.  All of the people depicted in my paintings have stories, but that’s not who they really are.  And so the question, Who am I -Who are you? Lucinda Yates