Trio Of Artists Saco

A Trio of Artists in Saco

On exhibit at Cia in Saco, 9 Beach Street from September 13th – November 13th

Artist Reception October 5th from 5-7pm — Music & Refreshments!

Eric Graffam 
Born and raised in Southern Maine, Eric traveled the northeast, training as a photographer and acquiring a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art.  He has worked in the catalog industry for the last thirteen years in both photographer and art director capacities.  His desire to experiment in found object sculpture originated shortly after the birth of his son in 2011.

ARTIS STATEMENT: Well, simply put, my sculptures are born out of what other people throw away, give away, or forget about, and I in-turn take those items and give each piece a new life. Rather than ending up in a landfill, our old, rusty bits of treasure become whatever sculpture they tell me to make; whether it be a fish, a seagull with attitude, or a mechanical crab…

Rebecca DeSimone

An artist who lives with her daughter and her partner in Saco, Maine. Rebecca has a degree in psychology and works as an Ed Tech III and a BHP in the high school of a special purpose and special education school. During her down time Rebecca spends her time “pouring” and “swiping” on wood and canvas with acrylic paints. The acrylic paint is mixed with water and oil and poured onto a canvas; then  through various swiping or tilting techniques the paint is manipulated to create “cells”.
Each piece is truly unique and can not be replicated.

Claire Smith

Illustrative is a word often used to describe Claire Smith’s paintings. She believes this was born out of her early love of writing stories as a child. With degrees in advertising and graphic design, Claire is both trained and infatuated with the relationships of colors and shapes and how those relationships can evoke emotion and tell a story. In her “floral scape” paintings, she studies natural contrast and design. “Each painting is a recollection of a place in time; rarely drawn from the here and now. My work attempts to communicate an inflated, and often-times, distorted beauty – the kind that only exists in memories,” she says. Claire grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and derives much of her inspiration from her coastal home. Having held exhibitions from California to Maine, her work has evolved through various mediums but she currently prefers to work in oil. She resides in Saco with her husband, their one year old son and two dogs.